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What level do you think Assmil "Using" will get a learner to? A2- low level A2 2. What level of material does an Assimil "Using" course contain? However, I have searched before and have mainly just seen most people say that it does not bring a user to a C1 level nor does it contain C1 material. What level would you say an Assimil "Using" series contain? Remember, this is not the with ease series, but the Using series, which is what is used after the with ease series.

All answers all welcome but I would love to hear especially from those who have used the Using series before.

Re: What level of material does an Assimil "Using" course contain? The mere fact that a self-study course presents a particular grammatical concept in a dialogue is no guarantee that the student will be able to manipulate this concept of the target language with a high level of fluency in the real world. Furthermore, I would submit that, despite the exaggerated claims of the publishers, achieving a CEFR B2 level relying solely on such materials represents a goal which is, for all practical purposes, unachievable.

The only "genuine" second-stage materials for independent learners that I have ever come across are listed below. B2 not likely I did this with both German and Spanish and I am not quite convinced that it was a fruitful exercise. Yes, covering all three of these courses did reinforce my lower-intermediate skills, but doing so did not move me any closer to the upper-intermediate level.

At some point, we simply have to remove the training wheels and get into the traffic; that is, we have to move on to native materials. I have not come across any other "genuine" attempts by publishers at marketing intermediate-level materials for the independent study of foreign languages.

I agree with neumanc that there are no advanced-level materials specifically designed for independent learners. They'll bring lots of things, a great base in the target language but being B2 requires thematic diversity and lots of exposure to native material. They don't "cover" all the vocabulary needed for B2. I also used new advanced English course and it was one of the most helpful language books I've ever studied. This book was more difficult than French one. I don't call them "equivalent" either, because these two books were focused on different points.

Perfectionnement Anglais is full of idiomatic expressions and British daily life usages, it helped me a lot for listening skills. But I can't decide whether it's C1 or B2ish. For example: I consume a lot of native material in my target languages, some it quite advanced. So, in essence, I am using C-2 native-level material.

And yet, in no way shape or form will these books and podcasts etc actually bring me to a native level of fluency.

I've completed Using French, and completed about half of Using Spanish. I think it's valid to claim that they contain material close to a C-1 level. With that, I haven't answered the poll yet. Is the question the post title What level of material does an Assimil "Using" course contain?

assimil french b2

However, just because it doesn't necessarily contain that material doesn't mean you're far off after completing the course.

If you study it diligently it should bring you quite close to a level where you will be able to finally dive into native materials and advance from those. I leafed through the Dutch one after learning German and that seemed easy.

The Russian one hardly made a dent on my progress despite spending the most time on it. It was a good course, but too different from my other languages.After a lot of years of sampling and reviewing just about every major language product and some hopefuls on the market, I finally sat down this week to put the famous Assimil series under the microscope.

The entire website is in French however with no English order form. He was a visionary because he understood that self-learning was some kind of modern thing related to a growing individualistic trend in European societies. I have to say I was stunned and disappointed by this response. This is in stark contrast to a product like Pimsleur for example where the founder Paul Pimsleur and his method are very well documented with lots of supportive evidence and data.

S o what is the method or process it outlines exactly?

The Most Honest Assimil Review You’ll Ever Read

Phase one, the passive phase, involves reading, listening to and repeating the first 49 lessons of the book without attempting to translate the material back into English or French. Once the 50 th lesson has been reached, the active phase begins. This requires you to start back at lesson 1 and this time actually complet e the translation exercises as you continue to move through the book.

Herein lies a crucially important and problematic point:. That would be like suggesting you can become a professional violinist by reading sheet music. As I sa y all the timetranslation approaches to language learning are thoroughly outdated remember that Assimil was made back in !

In fact I would argue that o ne of the characteristics of functional spoken fluency is being able to communicate without translating. To make no mention of actually using the language with people and to claim that half an hour of book study a day is all you need to become a high level speaker is demonstrably false.

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I know that in my own experience learning many languages over the past decade, I can confidently say that a spoken B2 equivalent in any language takes a serious, long-term and intensive time commitment. Assimil was created in So there is a strong idiosyncrasy in the Assimil method. For languages so closely related to English like French, this is indeed a great starting point. If the method itself was designed to help you identify similar patterns and structures then that would make it utterly useless for languages like Arabic or Mandarin Chinese.

What that means is that unlike typical courses which begin with a grammar point and then reinforce that grammar point with dialogues and exercises, Assimil has a strong emphasis on lexical chunk acquisition e. As anyone who follows me knows, I always teach that a grammar-first approach to language learning is unnatural and backward.

In the Assimil series, grammar explanations are a mere footnote. Instead, Assimil focuses on presenting you with complete, useable expressions and even the translation exercises which I mentioned above are for whole phrases rather than grammar drilling. I found this incredibly convenient as I usually have to create my own audio files for learning using tools like Audacity which is very time-consuming.

I can then put those short expressions into a tool like Anki to make flashcards using the audio with images or text, or I can just play them on repeat. Many of the situational dialogues in Assimil appear completely random and strange, and are not going to be useful to most people in most circumstances. These are just a few examples of the kind of bizarre and unnecessary scenarios the book presents.

A big part of language learning is searching for high-frequency expressions that you use a lot and are personally relevant.You cannot post new topics in this forum - You cannot reply to topics in this forum - You cannot delete your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum - You cannot create polls in this forum - You cannot vote in polls in this forum.

Message 1 of 17 24 August at am IP Logged. Hi, I ordered Assimil French with Ease last week and it finally came in the mail. I am very excited to use this book because I am just about done with Pimsleur as my introduction, and am ready to move out of the beginner stage. My question here is, if I use this book thoroughly and completely over a couple months, will it really take me up to the B2 level as it claims on its website after the lessons?

By it's own admission, can one assume this book on it's own can bring you to the B2 level? Is this also an accurate claim by the publisher? Would I be wise to continue on with Assimil Using French after the With Ease series, or it would it be better to just do the With Ease course and move on to something else after that?

I am looking to also buy the Using French set now because of the reputation of Assimil and the claim of bringing you to C1, but I would like some feedback from users as to if it is a good idea to get the next book after the With Ease series in French. Message 2 of 17 24 August at am IP Logged. C1 is a very high level, and in my opinion no Assimil program can take you so far.

I would say that B1 and B2 are more realistic descriptions of With Ease, and Using levels, respectively. Nor is it necessarily desirable to use a program until one is fluent and ready to pounce the world like Athena sprung fully-formed from Zeus's ear.

Once you've reached intermediate level, it's time to take the training wheels off and begin diving in earnest into native material. Having said that, I think Using French is quite good and is the best of Assimil's Perfectionnement series.

Just don't fall into the common rut of being addicted to the false sense of security that structured programs provide. Message 3 of 17 24 August at pm IP Logged. From what I've read of the descriptions of the levels, I suspect that achieving B2 with With Ease is probably optimistic.

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Not impossible, but it probably requires diligence and some auxiliary study to get to B2. B1, I hope, is a reasonable outcome. I'll have a much better assessment of this when I complete my use of it. But I've probably been averaging over an hour of study per day and I've also been using Pimsleur.

I'd hold off on ordering Using French until you've done at least a fair bit more with With Ease.Assimil is a dialogue based learning course popular amongst language learners. Assimil has a range of courses available in a variety of languages, but is geared primarily towards French speakers.

Assimil French review.

It publishes several different series, their most popular being Sans Peine or With Ease. The Assimil Sans Peine courses are a combination of dialogue-based texts and audio where you learn by working through passive and active stages. In the passive stage you complete the lessons by reading and listening.

While in the active stage you not only listen to and read the lessons, but attempt to translate the dialogues on your own. So is it still a relevant learning tool?

In the past, I have used Assimil to study languages I already had a foundation in — Chinese and Croatian. So for this review I decided to take on the challenge of studying a language in which I was a beginner: Korean. I had dabbled in the language, but my Korean reading was precarious at best, my vocabulary extremely limited and my understanding of grammar non-existent.

The courses are available in language combinations, although only 16 of these are for English speakers while 49 are for French speakers. I really like that both the audio and book are available as a complete package, especially because the audio is directly related to the text. Each book includes a thorough introduction to the language with tips on pronunciationthe writing system if there is one, and general features of the language. Following the introduction, the course dives right in. While I could have slowly worked my way through Korean texts, I really appreciated having the transliteration printed below the dialogues so that I could focus on speaking and listening comprehension, rather than my reading skills.

Each chapter includes a brief dialogue although these grow longer as you progress and notes on content.

Together with the translation that conveys the meaning of the text, a literal translation is included so that you get a feel for word order and vocabulary without needing vocabulary lists or grammar exercises.

The lessons intentionally avoid going into great depth on grammarinstead offering a collection of simple dialogues with detailed footnotes on rules as they appear as well as notes on the culture tied to the language. I personally work through the lessons, reading the dialogues out loud before shadowing them once more along with the audio. I can then go back and review what I need with the text.

This approach works well for my learning style, but I could understand why other learners might not be a fan of the series. The strengths of the Assimil method definitely lie in the way it offers context for what it teaches rather than word lists or grammar exercises isolated from how the language functions in day-to-day life.

Through the course, I learned words and phrases that were incredibly useful and applicable to daily conversations. These included:.

I really like that Assimil jumps right in and skips the laborious introductions that span several chapters in other courses. But this also means that depending on the learner and depending on the language, the usefulness of the material in the books really varies. Overall, the language in the texts is relatively formal.

Personally, I prefer this. I would rather be overly formal than rudely informal. Especially with a language like Korean where honorifics are important. Assimil claim that their Sans Peine series will take learners to the B2 level according to the CEFR scale and that their Perfectionnement series will get you to the C1 level.Btw You can apply my methods to learning any major foreign language. This is a story of my French language learning journey.

Since neither of my parents can swim they never spent any time with my sister and I in the pool or beach, today neither of us can swim well and my sister even hates swimming. So did I just give up or did I join a class like everybody immediately does? Do we send 1 or 2 year old babies to school? Learning a foreign language takes up an inordinate amount of time. Some purposes are: you want to move to a foreign country like I didyou want to get a job in a foreign company, you want to study in a foreign country, you want to be able to talk to your partner or distant relatives, in-laws or close friends who speak this other language, you need it to pass a certain exam or gain entry into a certain course, etc etc.

Learning a foreign language requires — first and foremost — the right mindset. I really and truly believe this. For me it was moving to France and I did it. And so, learning foreign languages is far far far at the bottom of that list because noone ever died from not learning a foreign language, did they? Afterall, everyone speaks or should just speak English, right? Likewise — as I have experienced — many French think the whole world should speak French.

assimil french b2

What is it about the English and the French, huh? They both think the whole world should just speak their language and be done with it. Likewise, many people from third world countries will learn English in order to get ahead in life, get a better job, move abroad, give their kids a better life, etc.

assimil french b2

The majority of people I met from English-speaking countries could only speak English. Nearly every person I met in Geneva could speak at least 3 languages at least 2 to a fluent level which I think makes it a pretty cool place and shows what is achievable.

Only once have you convinced yourself can you convince your potential employer. Similarly, you have to convince yourself you can do it! Many people like to poke fun at foreign languages because they sound different. From a psychological point of view this is usually done to hide their own shortcomings, insecurities and inferiority complex.

It reminds of me kids at school making fun of other kids who are different in some way. What exactly are you scared of?

How to reach level B2 in French in 6 month? | Linguists' corner | Forum

Is it because society says that you cannot do anything alone? When you go to work do you not commute alone? When you go to a library or a bookstore do you not go alone? Stop worrying about sounding silly, or assume everybody is laughing at you. Who the heck cares? Making mistakes is the only way we can learn. Think back to how many times you had to try to learn to ride a bike or drive a car. So my advice is simple:. You just have to spend some time watching little kids. They simply try try and try again.What is Assimil?

Assimil is a French program. It contains 1 book and several audios. But hey, it was my first year of uni and in another country and my weaker language so, what can I say. English first, in school, and then French, kinda in school as well but more so before starting uni.

We planned how much I had to do from the book every week to finish them on time, and I did that and the occasional extra exercises she would create. Words of wisdom… well, get a private teacher if you can afford it; someone nice and with good knowledge.

Someone you like to spend time with, so every time you have a lesson is like meeting a friend to hang out.

Does Assimil (’with ease’ level) reach B2

But the only reason I passed that exam was my teacher, I assure you. Originally posted by ucresearch. They cover various topics such as culture, linguistics, and psychology that will round out your language education.

They are all MOOCs which means that they are free online courses available to the public. You also will look at the role of intercultural competence at the workplace, reflect on the use of English as lingua franca in international contexts, and get a flavor of the skills involved in language-related professions such as translation and interpreting.

Join us to explore the miracles of human language! Course is archived but material is accessible. Course starts Oct 16, Participants will learn about the latest research related to how humans learn one or two languages and other cognitive skills. Course starts Sep 18, Course starts Sep 11, Multilingual Learning for a Globalised World: This free online course will explore multilingual education and how it can impact and improve education and even wider society. How the hell do you do it???

Can you please reblog if your blog is a safe place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, asexual, aromantic, pansexual, non binary, demisexual or any other kind of queer or questioning people?

assimil french b2

Because mine is. Posts Likes Ask it! Tags amazon wishlist FAQ Archive. Note: Yes, they are free. As expected people have already forgotten about me :D. I know I should honestly just share my experiences… Have a good one guys!The e-course includes all of the lessons in the printed version as well as the audio recordings.

What's more, you can use the unique recording feature to record yourself and compare your pronunciation with that of native speakers. By studying 30—40 minutes a day, in just a few months, you will achieve a level of conversation that will allow you to express yourself comfortably in a variety of everyday situations and business contexts.

It has been tried and tested by learners for more than 85 years. It has been proven to allow a language to be learned in just a few months. It is based on the unique principle of intuitive assimilation, which has been confirmed by cognitive science. Impossible to use it after having paid for this app!

We have patiently tried it for many months. We own literally thousands of apps. This software is the worst experience ever. Requires iOS 9.

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Sep 28, Version 1. Ratings and Reviews See All. Information Seller Mantano.

Size Category Education. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Price Free. Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.


Yabla French. French Today Audiobook Player. Learn French Apprends Francais.

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