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How to tell when mycelium is fully colonized

Log in or Sign up. Fully colonized vs consolidated spawn - doing grain to grain transfers. Joined: Feb 5, Messages: VibrationJul 14, Here is a good example of how some of them look like. They have been inoculated exactly 7 days ago. So how do I exactly keep the mycelium running, Rogue?

One more reason why I am asking this is because I'm not yet ready to start doing transfers, because I have only jars that are sterilized and there is more to make before I will start doing G2G transfers.

how to tell when mycelium is fully colonized

I want to do them all at once. So can I put the jars in my refrigerator for a couple of days while I finish sterilizing remaining jars? From my phone, that jar looks beautiful I'd venture that one more day would be about right However; I'd suggest bringing the jars up to room temps for a day before spawning, to ensure vigor of the mycelium If you will be ready within the week to perform the G2G transfers, I'd forgo chilling them It is just not ideal.

HorizonSpawnJul 14, Joined: Jul 6, Messages: DRaGonavJul 14, Joined: Aug 1, Messages: 2, Its not recommend for BRF. Cloning is usually done with fruits to agar. I believe this is just expansion of mycelial mass. DRaG, good questions As stated above, a G2G grain to grain transfer is performed for the expansion of the mycelium. But not cake to cake. Joined: Aug 23, Messages: Location: Lurking about.

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I would agree with above replies Dont chill them out if you will be ready within a week. They look perfect for a g2g right now so sooner you can get them expanded the better. But i would not refrigerate if you will have rest of your jars ready soon!

VibrationJul 16, That along with a shift of co2 balance will signal spawning.Please login or register. Pages: [ 1 ] 2. Read times crazyd Full Member Offline Posts: I made some marks on the jar to see if they are still growing, and they are, but very slowly.

They seem to have stayed about the same size for the most part for at least 2 weeks now. At this rate I don't think they will be fully colonized for another month at the earliest. I believe that when I innoculated, I didn't stick the syringe down far enough, so the other side of the jars essentially did not get any spores at all.

Could I go ahead and birth these? I tried to post pics of the front and back of the jar but it keeps telling me it can't access the filepath of the photos.

How to spot contamination in your mycelium

It will alow fresh air to get to the uncolonized area. We're not always doing business, but we're always open. Cameltom Full Member Offline Posts: Member Offline Posts: Im knocking them up with LC tho so i dont know how much honey will help? PW would you birth the cake normally?

Im going to try and post some pics, im not sure how the remaining jars are doing. I shook my 2 stubborn jars and one does actually seem to be moving along faster now. I'll keep you posted. If you want to get more out of your cake case it like cameltom. I should use the perilite normally as I would in a regular chamber? This stuff is pissing me off, I really want this to work. Monotub is best when it contains a bulk sub. Also, I believe u yourself case with a bulk sub coir.

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New posts. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter donmagicjuan Start date Aug 28, Balzac89 Undercover Mod. From what I've read when pin heads start to develop in the jars its when they are past due to fruit.

I had a jar I though was not colonized and I opened it and it was fully colonized on the inside just hardly showing on the outside.

Fully colonized vs consolidated spawn - doing grain to grain transfers.

I basically ruined it. How long they been sitting? Light is usually the trigger. But not intense light, just dim blocked light like in a room with the curtains drawn. PuffinChronic Active Member. It really all has to do with moisture in the grain, does the mycellium have enough of what it needs to survive? If left in a jar too long it will consume all of the available resorces and simply dry out.

If you have pins developing in the jar you can still break up the jar and spawn to your bulk sub.

how would u know if ur mycelium has been in the jar TOO LONG?+bonus question!!

That's how I do it and its a good way to make sure that the growth spreads evenly throughout the jar In response to your second question; Pinning is triggered by Fresh Air Exchange and humidity and a small ammount of light you provide that to the myc.

Mist and Fan as often as possible, some say fan a min of 2 - 3 times a day but truth be told you can't over do it.

I mist before I fan and after and then close the lid on my tub. If I were you depending on how many jars you have, I would let them all colonize and then mix them up with some coco coir in a big plastic tub with holes drilled on the sides for FAE.

Put the whole tub in a garbage bag tie it up and wait a week - week and a half No peeking! Then take the bag off the tub, fan and mist and before you know it you got yourself one of these bad boys.Failure is part of the process when learning any new skill. Mushroom cultivation is no different. Growing mushrooms becomes a much easier process once you avoid these errors. Contamination is the most common form of failure when cultivating mushrooms.

Incorrect sterilization is the lead cause of contamination.

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All life on Earth competes to survive, so provide your mycelium with the best environment in which to thrive. Contamination from our breath, clothing, and skin can all mean the end of what was otherwise a perfect mushroom cultivation procedure. Sterilization comes in many forms, so here are some important things to remember:. Use clean protective clothing, a face mask and gloves. Your clothing can carry all kinds of spores and other invisible contaminants. Treat all equipment, work surfaces, containers, and gloves with alcohol before any work commences.

Continue to apply alcohol spray throughout any procedure to mitigate the risk of contamination. Important: Sterilization with alcohol only happens once it has fully dried by evaporation, so be patient. We bow to the almighty pressure cooker for our substrate sterilization.

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Always operate with caution! When performing culture transfers, having the proper equipment helps. While HEPA filters and flow hoods are the most effective, they are also the most expensive.

A still air box SAB is an affordable alternative. For a beginner, a SAB is really all you need. IF you are really serious about growing mushrooms from spore to ready mushrooms, then you need a pressure cooker.No matter whether you've gone the cheap, at-home route of growing mushroom spawn on cardboard or carefully followed the optimal growing instructions using petri dishes, jars of grain, and sawdustmycelium is just mycelium.

I've been talking about this stuff for two weeks, and I know you're anxious to get to the mushrooms themselves. Mushrooms aren't like plants which pay attention to day length and then bloom and fruit on cue. Instead, you need to give your mycelium a hint when it's time to get some mushrooms. First of all, the mycelium has to have completely colonized the substrate reaching the end of its habitat is one natural cue that prompts mushroom formation. When growing mycelium in an unnatural habitat, like plastic bagsyou will also want to lower the carbon dioxide levels, which simulates the fungus reaching the outside world.

Many growers punch small holes in the bags where they want the mushrooms to emerge. Increasing the light levels at least slightly also tells the mycelium that it has reached the surface and should send up a fruitbody.

Meanwhile, your mushroom is probably waiting for a specific season though which one depends on the species you are growing. Oyster mushrooms are split into warm weather varieties which should be prompted to fruit at temperatures between 50 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit and cold weather varieties that need a few days at 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. If you give your mycelium the right cues, they should form what are called primordia little buttons on the surface that can grow into mushrooms.

To prompt the mushrooms to develop properly, lower the humidity a bit and retain lower carbon dioxide levels and moderate light. If you want mushrooms fast, raise the temperature, or just leave the temperature where it's at and wait a few more days.

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Mushroom Cultivation: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

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how to tell when mycelium is fully colonized

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how to tell when mycelium is fully colonized

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how to tell when mycelium is fully colonized

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