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Read More…. This is our analysis! View the Full Compendium. In our fourth speculation article on the competitive viability of new Pokemon revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield, we discuss the recently revealed brand new Pokemon Polteageist and Cramorant and how they may affect the VGC season. In our second speculation article on the competitive viability of new Pokemon revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield, we discuss the new Gigantamax phenonmen, Alcremie, Yamper, Rolycoly, and Duraludon, and how they could effect the VGC season.

In our first speculation article on the competitive viability of new Pokemon revealed for Pokemon Sword and Shield, we discuss Wooloo, Eldegoos, Drednaw, and Corviknight and how they could effect the VGC season.

In our first ever guest post on MetaGame, Danielle Hall, a self-proclaimed Pokemon novice, gives us a hilarious rundown on how she went about picking her first favorite Pokemon.

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View All Team Reports. Thanks to Ryan Schambers, MetaGame has its first regional war story of the season! Welcome to MetaGame! If that interests you click the button to learn more.

Read More. Mar 3, Tournament Analysis: Oceania International Championships.

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Includes a detailed tier list, combos, and more! Dragapult's varied move pool and high base stats make it great even in doubles. Phantom Force also allows it to buy time during Dynamax.

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Tyranitar's Sandstorm ability is helpful for Pokemon with Sand Rush. It is also able to deal damage using Stone Edge and has a high Sp. Def stat due to the Sandstorm bonus. Try to use this with the Weakness Policy. It's a good candidate for Dynamaxing since it's able to boost its team's defense with Max Steelspike. Running Protect is also recommended on most builds. Whimsicott's main role is as a Tailwind setter, boosting its team's speed.

It's also currently popular alongside Arcanine, to activate its Justified ability with Bulk Up. It is strong Tailwind setter candidate overall. The ability to heal with Roost coupled with great physical defense.

Corviknight can also set Tailwind and boost the team's defense with Max Steelspike. Great attacker with two viable abilities.

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Intimidate is the most common and is very useful for lowering opponent's attack. Justified is usable in certain combos too. Priority Extreme Speed is also excellent for finishing off opponents. Togekiss is an excellent doubles Pokemon that is being seen more and more recently.

With access to some great support moves like Follow Me and Helping Handas well as powerful STAB Flying and Fairy moves, it can fulfill both support and offensive roles at the same time. Wash Rotom's strong defensive stats and good typing allow it become one of the most commonly used Pokemon out there. Levitate provides particularly good protection against allies' Ground attacks.

Braviary is an alternative Tailwind setter that also has good offensive capabilities.NEW This is a strategy guide and complete explanation of an Durant-focused team for the games Pokemon Sword and Shield. List of Contents.

As the player who proved Durant's power, Mosgis continues to wreak havoc on the Master Ball tier with this and other heavyweight teams. This is a party that aims to put up Reflect and Light Shield and run a full sweep of the opponent's team. The typical pattern is to lead with Grimmsnarl, set up Reflect and Light Screen on the first two turns, then use Durant to sweep. These two essentially constitute a full party on their own, so for the third choice, pick one of the other four to match your opponent's team.

Grimmsnarl - Best Build for Ranked Battle. This gives it the ability to judge whether to use Reflect or Light Screen based on the Pokemon it's fighting and set it up before the opponent's first move.

When the opponent's second Pokemon comes out, use Thunder Wave to Paralyze so long as it's not Electric-immune or Dark-type. Remember that Dark-type Pokemon are immune to moves which have been boosted by Prankster. In this case, use the super-effective Spirit Break instead. From the third Pokemon on, feel free to go ahead and set up both Reflect and Light Screen, and using Spirit Break to keep attacking is also viable. Durant - Best Build for Ranked Battle.

Thanks to Durant's ability Hustle, it gains a power boost to its attacks in exchange for an accuracy drop. The accuracy drop stings in the life-or-death world of Ranked Battle, but thanks to the advent of Dynamaxing, which grants all of its moves perfect accuracy, Durant is able to overcome the negative aspects of Hustle while reaping the rewards of the Attack boost. With a Speed stat ofDurant has the power to hit fast and hard, allowing it to wipe the floor with a variety of opponents before they know what hit them.

Ditto - Evolution and Moveset. With Ditto's ability Imposter, it is able to copy everything about the opponent aside from its HP and the PP of its moves which all have 5 PP when copied. As it's also able to copy the stat boosts of the opponent, it's useful in the current metagame for copying an opponent who's receive the boost from Weakness Policy.

It's particularly adept at copying Tyranitar and Togekiss and taking them down, making it a strong player in a competitive environment where these Pokemon are ubiquitous. Hydreigon - Best Build for Ranked Battle. With effective use and timing of Substitute, Hydreigon can waste the potential of the opponent's Dynamax. Dark Pulse has a chance of causing the opponent to flinch, and makes a perfect combination when led in by Grimmsnarl's Thunder Wave.

Mimikyu - Best Build for Ranked Battle. Although Life Orb Mimikyu is proving popular, we'll be using the Expert Belt in this set to increase the damaging power of all super effective attacks by 1. Unlike Life Orb, which steals Mimikyu's priceless HP, this set treats Mimikyu with care while allowing it to dish out high damage. Snorlax - Best Build for Ranked Battle. With its ability Thick Fat, granting it resistances to common Fire and Ice-type attacking moves, Snorlax is an easy Pokemon to use in a metagame with few Fighting-type Pokemon.Alongside the introduction of many powerful new Galar-native contenders, this chaos presents opportunity for previous all-stars and current has-beens to take centre stage once more.

This being the case, what do you think happens when you remove titans such as Scizor, Landorus, Garchomp, Celesteela and the Tapu family from play, and dial down the overall power level by removing Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves? What happens when you introduce a slew of interesting new Ghost and Psychic types, including a Ghost pseudo-legendary?

What happens when you take away Chansey and Blissey, leaving a gap in the market for a special wall?

My Pokemon Team For Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Tyranitar may not appreciate the retention of the musketeer legends or the emergence of new threats such as Barraskewda and Cinderace, but the Godzilla of Galar has overcome such forces before and will do so again.

Hippowdon immediately created a reputation for itself as a defensive all-star when it arrived on the scene in Gen 4, with monstrous defensive stats, reliable recovery, Stealth Rock and phasing moves.

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The sand hippo has enjoyed less success in more recent years with increasingly powerful attackers stretching its capabilities to the limit, especially on the special side. Sword and Shield may yet offer a chance to change all this.

sword and shield uu teams

Nasty Plot. Nasty Plot changes all this, giving Gengar the means to break through healthier targets. A single notable caveat is that Gen 8 has brought with it some very fast and very powerful new entrants. New foes with base Speed stats over means that for Gengar, Modesty is not so much a virtue as Timidity — it simply cannot risk being outsped by such threats.

Non-Mega Blastoise has struggled for years to gain differentiation beyond being a bulky spinner with the ability to phase. Unfortunately, 85 base Special Attack is extremely average, even when doubled. Blastoise is simply going to be unable to break through many dedicated special walls especially fellow bulky Water-types, which it will struggle to hit super-effectively. Seriously, just use Cloyster — it might not have much higher offensive stats, but dual STAB and access to the incredible Skill Link Icicle Spear make it a far superior choice.

Dear readers and angry Blastoise fans, do you agree? You can do so via the Discord server! PJ Community. Watch the first episode of Pocket Monsters! Richard lives in London, UK, where he works in politics. Remember me. Forgot password?GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy.

Find out how to breed Hippowdon in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Learn about Hippowdon's best competitive movesets, best builds, best nature, counters and the breeding process! Hippowdon's excellent Defense and HP allow it to thrive as a tank in the current meta. Access to Yawn also makes it frustrating for sweepers particularly Dynamaxed Pokemon to play against, as you force them to swap out. Hippowdon, just like Tyranitarcan summon a Sandstorm when it enters the battle.

Try it out with Pokemon like Excadrill! Although the above mentioned two moves are a must, the remaining two can be chosen with relative flexibility. Fire or Ice Fang are also worth considering, while Slack Off can provide a lot of potential for recovery. Max Lightning and Max Starfall prevent status conditions, so they can stop your Yawn strategy in its tracks.

If the opponent Dynamaxes, be ready to react with a Dynamax of your own. Most Hippowdons in the current meta are Yawn variants which set up Stealth Rockwhereas this one focuses entirely on physical attacks.

Physical attackers are generally reluctant to go up against a Hippowdon, so they're likely to switch out into a special user. At this point, you can use the element of surprise to overpower your opponent with raw damage. Although Hippowdon's HP and Defense are his main draws, this build benefits most from a damage boosting item like a Life Orb.

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Assault Vest variants are also very possible. This build goes all in on Attack to overpower opponents. Consider a Life Orb or Choice Band here. Hippowdon can be a pain to play against if you let it Curse over and over. It's important to get a Pokemon that does super effective special damage to take it out.

Choice Spec Wash Rotom will take it out in 1 shot in most situations. Hippowdon is not Rock type, which means it doesn't get the Sp. Def bonus that Rock types do during Sandstorm. As such, it's best to target it with special attacks.Menu Menu.

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TheGamingNewsGuy Member. Nov 5, 13, However, since this is very Early Stage it is likely going to chance i am just curious on pepole's thoughts and opinions on it and what you think will be chanced. I will just be posting the OU Pokemon in this thread since there is far less but you can see the UU Pokemon if you look at its tiers. BrettHeazy Member.

Oct 28, London, UK. What does OU and UU stand for?This post is some of the common rules amongst Smogon players for competitive battles, so if you want to know them or freshen up there they are!

sword and shield uu teams

Basically, following all of these rules before and during a 'OU and below battle' will ensure your opponent won't have much to moan about. All but 1 of them are followed during your team building, with only Sleep Clause needed to be remembered during your battles. Breaking it even accidentallyor any of the other rules, will count as an immediate game loss.

Keep in mind that this list might not include all of their rules but enough for it to be a fair competitive game. Smogon consists of many styles of Battles, from Single, Double and so on, but we'll focus on Singles. Smogon OURules.

Best Durant Team for Ranked Battle | Pokemon Sword and Shield

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sword and shield uu teams

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